10 Things You Never Considered Until You Dated A Tall Person

10 Things You Never Considered Until You Dated A Tall Person

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Regular people see tall people nearly every day: on the train, in the office, on the street, in big cars, and even sometimes in little cars, all cramped up. But understandably some aspects of tall people’s lives go unconsidered, until you date one. So here are 10 things real people say they never considered until dating a tall person.

They just don’t even fit in cars. They need to ride shotgun everywhere.

Tall people often don’t fit in the back seat, and they definitely don’t fit in the back-back seat. Usually, the only place they fit is the passenger’s seat or snugly behind the wheel. It becomes a real problem when you got a whole family of tall people. Solution? Minivans, surprisingly.

Our world is totally not made for ‘giants.’

Sometimes it seems like everything is just too small for the taller portion of our species. Airplanes, doorways, counter tops, shower heads, those little tiny toilets.

They suffer so much basketball shame.

The stark reality and dark answer to the omni-occurrent is: not all tall people play basketball. Some of them can’t even dunk. Some of them even prefer to do shell art or arrange super tiny beads.

There is no clothing for them. Anywhere.

The struggle is real. Many stores don’t serve our kind. Tall people are turned away by retailers. “We only sell your size online.” “We’re all out of 32”x42” jeans.” (Of course, that is why we made TallSlim Tees.)

I can’t believe it. Always only the ugliest shoes are left in their size in the store.

Along the same route, stores often only stock a limited supply of the largest sizes, which means they are the first to run out and are often even more expensive; as anyone who has ever bought an “LT” size shirt in the store knows.

They eat so much. They never stop eating!

Indeed it is no easy task—and not a cheap one at that—to feed a human being with the appetite of a horse. The hunger never ceases, the metabolism never slows. Which honestly can be a great thing, because it means you can try everything at that work buffet.

Sometimes the kissing mechanics get weird, but it works.

True. Sometimes it does get weird. Steps, chairs, counter tops. High heels, tip-toes. Whatever works to make it happen. If things are done properly it can lead to a lot of kinked necks or stooped backs, but if they are done right, it can be magical.

Apparently roller coasters don’t allow their size.

There is a point in every tall person’s life when they are very excited about how tall they are growing, and then they realize they can no longer ride roller coasters.

So much back pain!

Sometimes, because of tall people’s accelerated growth, they suffer joint problems and back pain. But sometimes they don’t. And who doesn’t, anyways.

They do make a lot of money, though.

Yes they do. And that about sizes it up. In the end, it is all worth it.

So treat yo’ self or your tall person and order a TallSlim Tee.