10 Products Made To Make A Tall Man's Life Worth Living

10 Products Made To Make A Tall Man's Life Worth Living

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While TallSlim Tees knows full well that tall guys tend to get certain breaks in life (paid more on average, viewed as more authoritative and attractive in many cases), it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

Just ask any tall guy about doorways that were made prior to 1970.

*Clunks head and curses*

That’s why we’re grateful for the things out there that brings the world, well – up to our size. Here’s a look at our favorites:

1) BMW 7-Series


And all the other cars and trucks with serious leg room. There’s nothing worse than feeling guilty about putting your seat back when you’re in the front or getting your kneecaps crushed if you’re in the back.

2) Raised Counter Tops

The average kitchen counter height reaches a measly 36 inches. If you’re a tall person, that’s quite a ways to bend every single day for all the small tasks you use your kitchen counters for. Thankfully, more cabinets are being made for the not-so-average height human and you can get a comfy counter height customized to your needs. No more reaching and over extending to prep your food!
back pain

If you’re not ready to remodel your kitchen for taller counter tops, you can buy a raised cutting board!

3) Knee Defenders

Did you know this product existed? Now when you fly, you can prevent the person in front of you from reclining their chair and smashing your knees! But you may potentially make your flight mate cranky and that could be awkward. So use at your own risk!
Via gephardtdaily.com
Via http://gephardtdaily.com/

4) Tall Tents

Ever wake up when you’re camping and accidentally stand up? If so, I’m sorry for whatever came next. That is, unless you had a tall tent like the Coleman Instant 14- by 10-foot. With clearance for someone who stands 6’5”, the outdoors never felt so appealing.
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5) Tall golf clubs


Ever borrow a buddy’s club? Even he stood a respectable 5’10” or 5’11”, that driver felt like a pitching wedge.

6) Movie Theater Stadium Seating

Back in the day, theaters didn’t have that stadium-style seating, so you always felt guilty sitting down in front of someone shorter than you. Not anymore.
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7) California Kings

small bed

Seven feet long means your feet no longer have to hang over the edge.

8) Shower Head Extenders

Showering doesn’t have to be a cramped, painful experience anymore! Thank the heavens for shower head extenders. You can now take your existing plumbing, add a long extension, and gain another foot of height on your shower head. If you’re sharing a shower with a short partner, they can move the shower head up and down to fit their needs as well.

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9) Vaulted Ceilings

Seriously, if it’s not ceilings or doorways, it’s the much sneakier low-hanging light fixtures that will get you. With vaulted ceilings, all of it stays comfortably out of reach.

10) TallSlim Tees

Yeah, yeah, we make ‘em, so maybe we’re biased. That’s why we’re going to let some other folks talk up the awesomeness of T-shirts designed to fit tall, lean dudes.

Customer Wayne Dorsey: “Just got my second in the mail, really loving this company. Fits awesome, and as a guy who’s 6’7”, that’s a pretty rare thing. Thanks a lot, thumbs up.”

Or, how about the wife of a tall fella? Jessica Kuhni Meyer‎ was all, “My husband has three Tall Slim Tees, and they are the best shirts he owns! He is 6’2″ with a skinny build. The fabric is fantastic, and the style is right on. My husband is very, very picky, and I’m so glad he found these shirts!!”

No longer do you have to suffer through the T-shirt that barely covers your stomach or fits like a tent. It’s the little things in life sometimes.